Donating Blood Is a Lifesaving Act

Have you ever donated your blood? I remembered my father-in-law is always telling my husband to donate a blood. He says that donating blood have many advantages. According to an excerpt from the brochure of Philippine National Red Cross Blood Proram, a healthy Filipino has 16-18 glasses of blood. Donating 250-450 cc. (approximately one glass) will not cause any weakness or ill effects.

Giving blood will not take up too much of your time-the whole process just takes 30 minutes.

Be a lifesaver and donate to the Philippine National Red Cross.

Advantages of Giving Blood

  • When a person donates blood, his bone marrow is stimulated to produce new red blood cells and makes his blood-forming orgnas unction more effectively. The young cells generated wil mean more effective and active cells. In the same way that a car works better after a "change oil," donating blood will make a perso feel better. A healthy person can donate blood every three months with no ill effects.
  • A Red Cross donor is given a Blood Donor Card. With this card, the donor will be given priority based on stock  availability, in case of blood needs. The Blood Donor Card is transferrable to family members and friends, and has no expiration date.
  • Prospective donors who submit themselves to the procedure will be examined by a physician for free. Donors will also know their blood type and know whether they are anemic or not. Donors will be informed of diseases seen in the blood as a result of the screening tests.

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Anonymous said...

I can't donate blood for numerous reasons:
1. I have lived in a malaria-risk country within the past three years
2. I have lived in the UK during the Mad Cow Disease out break
3. I have a suspected case of fibromyalgia. Which also disqualifies me from donating bone marrow.

Sucks, but I guess it's to keep everyone else safe from any cooties I might have. If I could I definitely would though.


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