You’re the 1, Goldilocks!


Every time we had a family reunion and get together, sitting in a big and round dining table is the best and the most enjoyable thing for us. Our favorite meals from rice, viand to desserts are well-prepared by our Mom. Each member of the family is ready to munch the food in order to delight our craving. I also remember my little younger brother rushing to consume his rice because he wanted to be the first to eat the Goldilocks cake and salad. Dessert time is also a moment for our laughter and telling our unforgettable stories. I will share to you one of the most romantic story told by our Dad.
"It was early 90s when I experienced heavy rains that flooded Metro Manila. We're riding on a bus that time heading to our province. From bus terminal in Lawton, for only about an hour, we're stranded somewhere in San Andres due to flood. Unexpectedly, we stayed there, hour after hour. Inside the bus, everybody seems so noisy, chatting each other with different stories. To make the time out of boredom. I decided to look for somebody with sense of humor. Of course, I had seen one. But how do I will start to know her? Having a good idea, I started to break the silence.

Miss, you looked-like my cousin, I said to the girl. Really? She replied. Yes, you are, I answered. The girl said, it’s an old style technique. I knew already your next questions. You will ask me about my name, from where I am, my age and the likes, isn't it? Anyway, we’ve been talking smoothly and seemed known each other for quite sometimes.

goldilocks cake

We compromised to see each other the next Saturday afternoon when we return to Manila. The date was set and we’ve waited that date with excitement. Means of communication those days were very hard. The day came and I called her through phone. She was already home waiting for my call. At last, we’ve seen each other again. Smiles with enthusiasm and feeling of trust had been established to both of us. We decided to watch the movies. Inside the movie house, I became the best man for her. I respected her in everyway. I had proven to her, how gentleman I am. After the movies, we walked along the street. Not even holding hands. While walking, here comes something in my mind. It’s the right time to tell her what I feel. Baby, I had something to tell you, I said. Okay, come on and tell me, she said. I replied, I think this is not the proper place to talk about that. Let’s find a better place, okay. Come on.

goldilocks dessert

Only for a distant, we decided to be inside Goldilocks, Pasong Tamo. From that corner table, I started to propose. Frankly speaking, I’m sure about myself that I am beginning to like and love her. And I asked her, do you feel the same? I guess so, she answered. Well, both of us tonight were very happy and the only witness to this vow is the piece of GOLDILOCK’S CAKE place on top of this table. From now on, we will start the history of our love and hopefully it will last forever.

goldilocks dessert cake

YOU ARE THE ONE, GOLDILOCKS because you provide us that CORNER TABLE SPACE, where a wonderful, thoughtful and everlasting LOVE was born."


Unknown said...

Love the story. Simply romantic.

I can almost remember years ago when I was also stranded in the flood for more than 4 hours and I was carrying with me a Goldilocks brazo... just reminiscing :)

markfe said...

Thanks czaroma! I love the story too, that's why I'd share it with you.

Unknown said...

this is sentimental, idealistic story. I have fun reading this one!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this enchanting story.

Unknown said...

I like the story... I just bought a box of mamon cake the other day.

Unknown said...

what a nice setting of LOVE!
i guess, that tiny table served to be there by GOLDILOCKS, just only for you, to start the pedestal of your wonderful relationship

nurseabie said...

I love your post and the photos as well.

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