Importance of papaya

Importance of papaya

Nutritionally, the papaya is very important in developing countries, as it fruits year-round and is rich in vitamin C. Papaya is also an excellent source of betacarotene, which the body converts to vitamin A. One fruit will give you twice your requirement of vitamin C and almost a third of vitamin A, so papayas boost immunity and are good for the skin and mucus membranes.

Their most important constituent is an enzyme known as papain, which improves digestion. This natural chemical is extracted and dried to a powder that is used by industry as a meat tenderizer. Traditional medicine men of the South American Mayans used the sticky latex, the juice and fruit as herbal medicines, and it's still common in South America to wrap meat in papaya leaves before cooking to produce tender and delicious dishes.

The leaves are also used to improve wound healing, leg ulcers and for the treatment of boils in traditional medicine. And even the seeds are useful. Next time you eat one, save the seeds and add them to olive oil, vinegar and pickles for a unique and very different spicy flavour.

Importance of papaya

Papayas are wonderful for children and make great-tasting smoothies. Halve and deseed the fruit, scoop the flesh into a blender, add a small carton of yogurt and a cup of milk and whiz until smooth and creamy. For adults, whiz with a little water and mix half-and-half with Champagne.

Canned papaya is widely available, but it is nutritionally poor compared to the fresh fruit. Most of the vitamin C and more than half the betacarotene are lost during the processing.

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