Tips for proper food storage

Have you noticed that some fruit hardens and there is rarely any juice left when you put them inside the fridge for a few days? or have you noticed also that leafy veggies tend to dry up easily outside the refrigerator but wilt when refrigerated?
Here are some simple tips to avoid it:
  • Check if your refrigerator's temperature is from 34F to 40F, and no warmer. Storing any kind of food inside the ref that is warmer that 40F will definitely spoil faster.
  • Overstuffing causes poor cold air circulation, leading to spoilage.
  • Vegetables and fruits should be kept in the vegetable drawer. The humidity in this storage area is enough to keep them fresher and longer.
  • Only leafy greens need washing before refrigeration, but these must be thoroughly and loosely wrapped in a plastic or cloth bag.

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This is helpful, Thanks for sharing :)

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