Some of my friends are recommending Cebu if we are going to spend a vacation. My sister had been staying there for more than a year and obviously she loves Cebu. Here are some beautiful insights about Cebu.
  • First horizons - Once you get out of Mactan Airport, you know that you have arrived when you pass the magnificent Mandaue - Mactan Bridge.
  • Role-play - There are many "firsts" in Cebu: the first street in the country (Colon Street), the first tri-bastion fort (Fort San Pedro). Don't merely walk at the Lapu-lapu Monument or the Magellan's Cross - feel it; breathe it. Then go ahead: share in some history and pose for a picture.
  • Think epic - Hire a taxi for a day and then take in the amazing sites from temples, churches and gardens to coves, marvelous shores and great views from the surrounding hills. Olango Island has witnessed great battles and a nation's beginnings. Even bird migration is of epic proportions.
  • Recess - Satisfy your stomach with Cebu’s local foods and delicacies.
  • Beach bathing - Whether you ponder your troubles or throw your cares to the wind, there's always a perfect beach resort in Cebu where you can do one or the other - or even both. Try the northern tip of the island or the south-west coast for some spectacular sun worship.
  • Luxurious living - If you can afford to splurge, live it up in one of the many five-star hotels scattered around the island. The Hilton Cebu Resort and Spa or the Shangri-La’s Mactan Island and Resort feature splendid facilities that leave nothing to be desired.

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Cecile said...

I never been to Cebu, but wants to go there someday. My friends told me it is a nice place to spend a vacation; also my cousins and uncles also lives there, and that is one more reason to go visit the Queen of the South "Cebu"

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