Tools to determine website credibility

I was reading the Philippine Star newspaper when I came across at their business section. According to the news, researchers based in Austria are working on tools that can quickly determine if a website is credible. One of the team's researcher says that they need to to this due to increased growth of user-generated content blogs. They will develop a program that will analyze blogs and automatically ranks them as either "highly credible," "average credible" or "little credible."

Japanese researchers are also developing a program that mines the Web for a variety of viewpoints on an issue and then presents them to Internet surfers together with supporting evidence as part of a "statement map" that makes it clear how the different opinions are related. Japanese researcher says, he believe that "statement maps" can help users come to conclusions about the reliability of a website.

According to Microsoft, "the number of websites available worldwide has risen from just 500 as recently as 1994 to tens of millions today".

One of the most popular websites today is Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia which uses open-source software that lets anyone reading a subject entry to edit it, a feature which has raised doubts about its credibility.

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amiable amy said...

it is popular indeed but, you are right, credibility is really an issue there....

but, i like reading it anyway ...nice to be here...thanks for the visit

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