Beat the heat this summer!

White beach at Boracay
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You can feel the very hot temperature today as if you wanted to stay in an air conditioned room 24/7. Drink those cool refreshments over and over again. Or sometimes my friend thought that what if she stay inside the refrigerator for a while. Ooh! That's a silly idea. lol! We are finding ways to beat the heat this summer like staying at the beach. Why do most tourists choose the Boracay in Kalibo as their favorite destination during summer?

  • Activities - Go trekking or mountain-biking past quaint villages, and catch your breath along the edges of dramatic rocky cliffs. Alternatively, take a snorkel and go exploring underwater.
  • Adventurous eats - As the gateway to Boracay, Kalibo is a magnet for people from all over the world, therefore, as a result, the food is cosmopolitan.
  • Beach bounty – Take a ferry to the world-famous party island of Boracay to get caught between facilities galore and the deep blue sea. There are water sports, beach volleyball, MTV, discos, parties all night long – or simply enjoy over 300 facilities sprouting along the shore.


reanaclaire said...

hi..coming by to say hello ... how r u?

Cecile said...

i can't wait till summer so we can goto the beach here...right now, it is still a little bit cold to go swimming, brrrr

visiting you here, fhaye :-)!

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