Who is the best Philosopher?

The 1st one got three and he gave one, the 2nd got two and he gave one, the 3rd got one and he gave one, lastly, the 4th got nothing but wished to give one.

From the above scenario, respondents never anticipated the 1st and 2nd philosophers because they gave something in excess of what they have. The choices remained from the last two philosophers. Respondents almost commented even. Some explained that the 3rd is the best because he gave his all. Others said, the 4th is the best because he has nothing but very kind to give one.

Honestly speaking, the 4th philosopher is just the same of 1st and 2nd philosophers. Why? In spite of nothingness, he wished to give one. Human beings, easily utter something in good fate because the situation never affects him. But once the luck is with him, a single centavo weighs. Therefore, it’s only saying or a word, nothing is sincere.

The best among them is the 3rd philosopher. He never thinks of himself but the needy. No matter what the consequences, the idea is to offer of what he had even though it costs his life. Godly spirit is with him and it gives moral support to anybody that wishes to live his life to the fullest.

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