When and when not to accessorize

Swarovski crystal dangling bracelet accessoryI was reading a fashion magazine and I came across into their section about accessories. I know how to design and make accessories like necklaces, bracelets and earrings made with natural stones, pearls and crystals but not for my personal use but for sale. I actually made this dangling crystal bracelet (above photo). I wear just simple accessory because I’m only working in the office with a simple uniform. But I also appreciate ladies wearing accessories made with assorted or indigenous materials. Here are some advise when and when not to accessorize.
  • Choose accessories that make you feel good or excite you.
  • Your accessories must match your outfit. They should complement and not clash or fight for attention. If you feel that your eyes keep moving from one detail to the other, you’re probably wearing too much.
  • Look like you’re the one wearing the accessories – and not the other way around! The more vibrant the personality, the bolder the accessories.
  • In corporate environments, it’s wonderful to be fashionable by adding one or two accessories, but avoid pieces that are more suited to a party.
Credits: alfredulla; smile magazine

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Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

Good advice...I would just add...develop a signature style for yourself.

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