Why blogging is so popular?

Logging on and keeping those mommy memories intact in the high-tech way is blogging. There's a growing breed of moms who've turned on their laptops and are surfing the digital parenting highway. Like me, I started blogging as my part time since November 2008. I enjoy surfing, reading, learning and posting articles which I feel cool to write. Blogging cannot just be a form of hobby but you can earn an extra income. Wow! Anecdotes, photos, and videos are now easier to access through the net. My relatives from all over the globe simply have to type my blog's URL to read about any updates and happenings in our life. Moreover, an online journal or blog saves on arts and crafts materials costs, as well as tedious hours of sitting time working on it. Your blog is an online digital scrapbook that family and friends can access anytime, anywhere.

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Cecile said...

I agree with you, Fhaye :-). there are lots of benefits on blogging and I am grateful my friend introduced me in to it.

Have a nice day, dear!

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