China Town at Night

My hubby and I were walking along Ongpin Street in Binondo, Manila or commonly called "China Town" when we noticed the red lanterns hanging throughout the street. Chinese New Year is nearly approaching and this street is getting very busy. Many people had ignored the heavy traffic here just to buy "Tikoy, Hopia, and other Charms" which they believed these may bring good luck to them this Year 2009. My hubby suddenly climbed up a little at the fire truck's back that was parked behind the Binondo Church and took some photos and I just want to share these with you.
China Town Binondo

They were busy in buying the famous Chinese New Year Delicacy "Tikoy"
Chinese Tikoy


anne said...

wow what a nice picture it looks like it was taken abroad

Kriscell said...

The China Town here in Singapore is pretty much crowded as well. Every year China Town ard the world will be flooded with people during the Lunar New Year period.

Can't avoid it so lets enjoy it.

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