Crisis As The Adventure Of A Lifetime! - Inspirational Article

Crisis is painful, frightening, and difficult. None of us consciously invite crisis into our lives. We do not look forward to the next life threatening event to come our way. We have never received an invitation to celebrate a crisis in the life of one of our friends.

The news of a crisis brings feelings of sadness, fear, and regret. No one wants to face death, financial ruin, loss of a job, or a divorce. We do not wish these events on others.

Crisis is a two edged sword. It brings the destruction of life as we have known it. It threatens our status quo, creating chaos where there was once stability. It challenges our beliefs and response patterns. It pushes our ability to cope. But crisis always brings opportunity for something new to develop from the ruins of our old way of life. Its pain is like the contractions of labor; almost too much to bear, yet easily forgotten with the joy of a new birth.

Crisis offers many hidden benefits to those who accept the challenge to transform in the face of disaster. It gives you the opportunity to shift directions and make important changes in your life. As people re-evaluate the meaning of life during their crisis, they often discover their life mission, giving them a greater sense of direction and purpose.

Sometimes people in crisis will find an inner strength they never knew existed. Some people learn to tap into their inner guidance for day to day direction. Others find they are given the opportunity to re-evaluate core beliefs that had negatively affected their experiences of life.

Crisis invites you to experience and release old fears. In the face of death or annihilation people have the opportunity to consciously choose life, often for the very first time. Most people find a deeper connection to God or the creative force of the Universe. Many people develop a profound sense of trust, knowing there is someone or something larger than themselves that is watching over them.

Crisis is an opportunity, not a certainty. You can choose to take advantage of the energy in crisis or you can surrender to the feelings of despair and hopelessness. The adventure begins when you choose to accept the challenge and use the circumstances in your life to grow. This painful, sometimes devastating situation is only a stepping stone to something far greater than you ever imagined.

I have heard many stories of people who have accepted the challenge, transforming their lives in the midst of crisis. These people are not special. They are ordinary human beings just like you. If they can transform in the face of crisis, so can you.

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