My friend's dreams in life

Have you ever dream of living like a princess or a queen? or how about like winning on sweepstakes or lotto? Dreaming is free so everyone has its own dreams. We have inner thoughts and many ideas in life. It can be possible or easy to achieve or just like the stories in the fairy tales. But, there are also true-to-life stories that they didn't dreamed of something, but it just happened that one day, they became rich or well-known personality.

Fulfillment in life doesn't mean you're not allowed to dream. Let me share to you some of my friend's dreams in life. I often heard this dreams from them and I can say that they have common dreams (to be rich and money… money… money…?) sigh!

• You write your own check every single week!
• You can spend more time with loved ones and friends!
• Pay off your debt!
• Go on vacation whenever you feel like it!
• Quit your job and quit making everyone else rich!
• Work from anywhere and at anytime!
• Spend more time doing what you actually enjoy!
• Invest money into other ventures!
• Get that sports car you always wanted!
• Forget about the recession and not stress about money!

How about you? Why don't you share it with us?

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INKBLOTS said...

I wish I would strike a pot of gold too! Haay buhay! neat blog!

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