How to Remember What You Usually Forget

Names – When you meet someone, repeat that person’s name aloud as soon as you can. Say, “Nice to meet you, Jack.” Then look closely at him and repeat his name silently to yourself 10 times.

Numbers – Break long numbers down into meaningful chunks. For instance, a checking account number 1048630, is easier to remember if you think of it as 10:48 (time for midmorning break) and 6:30 (dinnertime).

Shopping lists -Visualize your house with a giant version of each item in various rooms: a huge egg in the kitchen, a big loaf of bread in the bedroom, etc. When shopping, mentally scan your house to recall your list.

Household chores and errands – Don’t try to remember that you must mail a letter. Instead place the letter near the door so you will see it as you leave.
Mnemonics and acronyms – Make up a verse or phrase to remember facts. For example, a well known acronym is ROY G. BIV. They stand for the colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet).

Visualize – A mental image is a picture you make up that includes the information you want to remember. Making up images is a very good way to learn and to recall. For instance, if you park your car in spot 4B, think of four bananas.

Write it down – In a survey of memory experts, their top technique for not forgetting was the simplest-makes notes. Writing forces you to focus your attention and also provides a backup in case your memory fails. Some people recall the appearance of the note, and then they remember the items on it.

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online writer said...

very smart tips. i have a hard time remembering names and numbers.i'll try these brain exercises then. thanks for sharing.

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