Manny collects $2 million per minute

Manny Pacman Pacquiao vs Ricky Hitman Hatton

Based on his guaranteed winnings of 12$ million, Manny Pacquiao technically earned $2 million per minute for his two-round demolition of Ricky Hatton at MGM Grand.

It was the first time he received a guaranteed purse of $12 million, and he stands to earn a couple more on the giant pay-per-view sales that should come in a week or two from now.

Pacquiao’s guaranteed purse is equivalent to P576 million and if one pushes through with the dollar-per-round earnings, it means he earned more or less P96 million for every minute or P16 million per second.

"Manny Pacquiao is indeed the greatest fighter ever."

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Sportsbettingcentre said...

The Pac Man is one of the most awesome fighters I have ever watched in forty years of being a fight fan. He completelty belies his size.

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