Positive and negative side of caffeine

Most of us became addicted to coffee, tea, chocolate and cola drinks that contains caffeine.

Positive side
– It stimulates the brain, concentration and fights fatigue. It helps some asthmatics, increases the potency of painkillers and even helps migraines.

Down side - It pushes up your blood pressure. Excessive amounts cause tremor, irritability, insomnia and sweating. Boiled coffee increases the risk of cancer and more three cups a day of any sort has been linked to PMS, cyclic breast lumps, poor fertility and low birth weight.

Pregnant women and vegetarians should reduce their consumption, as caffeine affects absorption of the minerals iron and zinc. It also increases the amount of stomach acid produced, causing heartburn and indigestion and can lead to ulcer.

So enjoy a cup of good coffee, tea or cocoa, but limit the amounts and don’t get hooked.

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Nanaybelen said...

Oww! thanks for the informative article. I am slightly hypertensive and at the same time i am a coffee drinker up to five cups a day but my son limit me up to 3 cups a day. You're post confirmed the side effects.Thanks for sharing

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