Chocolate for feeling low and bit depressed

Are you feeling low and bit depressed? Eat some dark chocolate. It's delicious and is there to be enjoyed, so ignore those who says it's unhealthy. Good-quality chocolate is, in fact a source of valuable nutrients as well as pleasure. Chocolates were came from Cocoa tree. Cocoa bean has endorphins which help depression and kindle the feelings of romance, love and arousal. Although it contains fat, dark chocolate is a very good source of iron and magnesium. Chocolate supplies useful amounts of protein and traces of other minerals and some B vitamins. But it's loaded with calories: over 500 per 100g. You'll need to walk briskly for two hours, pedal your bicycle for an hour and a half, or swim nonstop for an hour to burn off 100g of chocolate.

I like dark chocolates. How about you?


Arlene said...

i have also experienced this one time. and the chocs worked wonders. :)

Cecile said...

really!? better try eating some :-); thanks for the info dear :-)

have a nice day!

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