Top 10 EC Droppers

My days are always blooming
Hobbies like blogging and EC dropping
Like the flowers-bright and shimmering.

Thank you for always visiting markfe. Spending your time visiting this blog is very much appreciated. This post is for you. Here's the list of my top 10 EC droppers for the month of December 2008.

Time Recursion
My Daily Discourse
Step Away From The Cake
The Many Ramblings of Courtney
Warcraft Blog
My Random Day
Anything Goes
Just My Rambling
My Online Paradise
Blogging For Health

Photo taken Dec 08 at our garden


arlene said...

hi, you are also one of the top ten in 2 of my blogs. thank you very much for the faithful drop. hope u will remain in the list for the month of January.

happy new year!

MakingMoney said...

Hi, it's been nice dropping by your blog in 2008. Happy New Years to you and hope to visit with you more throughout the year to come!

MsRay said...

Thank you for sharing with us those beautiful photos.

Courtney said...

I like your blog, Fhaye, so I am excited to see that I made it into the top 10!

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